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January 13th, 2009

3:54 PM

Dara Joy has two new works out

If you still care, that is. The bigger news is that her first ever full length novel in forever, or so the website claims, Taste Of The Devil, is out. Details at


Sorry about that - for some reason the link function is acting up at the moment so I can only cut and paste URLs here. Here's the catch. It's an ebook and it costs $10.50.

The excerpt at


is not exactly tempting me to ploot-ploot $10.50 for this baby. Of course, any kind souls willing to, er, contribute a copy to the Mrs Giggles Shameless Schmoozing Fund can do so, but I have to tell you, $10.50. That's a lot of money for an ebook.

In other news, In Kirkpatrick's Woods, originally bundled with That Familiar Touch, is now available as a separate novella as well for $3.85. I understand it is supposed to be a revised and expanded version of the original brain ploot-ploot by the author. It's also available in ebook form.

Delivery, by the way, is not exactly fast especially when you remember that we are talking about ebooks here, not dead tree books. Two weeks - TWO WEEKS - for Taste Of The Devil and 24-72 hours for In Kirkpatrick's Woods. Make your own "That's how long Dara needs to write the book for you once you've placed your order" joke here.

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Posted by Fiordiligi:

I can't get over the webpage, it makes my eyes cringe. Didn't Angela James buy a copy of the ploot ploot book because she could deduct it from her taxes? Much worse than the 10,50 $ is the lost time which went into reading this book.
January 14th, 2009 @ 1:59 AM