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December 12th, 2007

5:36 PM

Special Blog Guest: Mrs Kristi Theresa, CEO of Trixy Lion Publishing

Trixie Lion Publishing!

Dear friendsa nd familie of Trixy Lion Publishing,

I am pleasing to let everyone knowed that Trixue Lion Publishinng is still the undisputedly #1 publishers in womanizing erotic fiction. I am hoping (and worrying!) that Mrs Theresa Wayne's new besuiness La Media will be welcoming by us to this challenging world of epublishing business becos as a woman I am always happy to see another woman enterpriser step up to the task of showing the worl dwhat women can do and improving the futuristic of quality fictions. 

However, I am dismayed at how poor Mrs Theresa's new business is forced to be shut down wjhen it has barely opening its doorways to surely authoprs who will flog to its doorwayts with their premiering qiuality work! As usually, this is the workings of the jealouseuy minds of those horrible unchristian women like Karen Scotland and Ash Achoonox (the last name alone is surely indicating of a satanic mind!), tools of the evil Samhane Publishing people who are like Microssoft trying to get a sinistering gripping on the world of epublishers! I ask you, my freinds, what kind of world are we lives in when everyone is full of bursting hot devil jellousy? 

People should be give Mrs Waine a second chance! Not everyone can be perfecting in English becos not everyone is lucked enough to go to skool, so is it fare that we stop these people from being editorializers and copyingwriters? My heart brakes for Mrs Waine bcos she only has three staunch frends who stood by her through thicking and thinning while other burning jelaously ppl waited and howling for Mrs Waine's bloodletting. Not everything in this world is about money! Money is the rooting for all evil!!! Mrs Waine is giving struggling ppl a chancing to get their works read by zillions of happy people all over the universe, isn't that good enuff? What more do you wanting? It is not her fault if the business make no money, it is the faulting of jeallous ppl swayed by Samhane Publishing's evil propopoganhda not to buy the books! If you want blaming, it is the people to be blaming becaos they don't give Mrs waine enough money to make the authors happy!!! Mrs Waine spent her time anmd enegizer and even made a lovely Yahhoo group for everyone and yet ppl still act jeallousy over her.

I chordioally invoite Mrs Thiersa Winne to join our Trixing Lion Publishing happy family becos we will protect her from evil jealous unchristian lesbian satanisssts like Karen Scotland and Ash Ascccohgnox. We wont be going out of business becos our authors undetsand that its more than money, its the thought that cpunts. I assure Mrs Wiayne that she will be happy to join us as cheif coipywriter and finance administrativer so I invitte her to emale me at kristit87@trixitelionpoblishing.coom

3 comment(s).

Posted by Jade James:

The funniest post I have read in ages.
December 13th, 2007 @ 1:19 AM

Posted by ash arceneaux:

well sade.

evil jealous unchristian lesbian satanissst Ash Ascccohgnox
December 13th, 2007 @ 7:24 AM

Posted by Kayleigh Jamison:

Plz do be teling us Mrs Kristi, will u be taking teh bookz soon? I can has a submishon four u.
December 14th, 2007 @ 1:49 AM